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Spring Forward 2015 Part 2

Spring Forward 2015 Part 2
18 Apr 2015 4:10 pm BST

Aerowaves Spring Forward is a three day festival of the freshest contemporary dance from Europe. This year Spring Forward was hosted in partnership with Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona. From 17-19 April, 23 companies and artists from 17 countries performed at a variety of venues in Barcelona for local and professional audiences.



Aurora - Meytal Blanaru

In this refined and honest solo, Meytal Blanaru searches for a raw place. She asks – how much of who we are comes from within us, and how much is carved by society's norms? Delving deeper into these questions, she was inspired by stories of feral children, many of whom developed unique ways of moving and expressing themselves while in isolation. This piece is dedicated to Genie, whose remarkable resilience captured the hearts of many. In another life she could have been anything she wanted.

 00:13:05 – 00:19:20


All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go - Giorgia Nardin

A man and a woman are dressed in nothing but neatly tailored shirts. Side by side, they fold cuffs, collars – making gestures as if idly passing time on the street. Slowly, they react to a gradual loss of balance and try to avoid falling. Bathed in soft light, this mesmerising and gentle duet hovers between concrete reality and abstraction. It casts a spell that gradually fills the stage – and the body reacts to all this.

00:43:34 - 01:13:43




Sarah Blanc and Pere Faura introduce Saturday's programme and interview Giorgia Nardin

00:00:00 – 00:04:16 

Interview with Alexander Gottfarb, Alexander Deutinger and Stephan Sperlich

00:04:32 – 00:12:40 

Interview with Meytal Blanaru

00:13:05 – 00:19:20

Interview with with Loiuse Tanoto

00:19:51 – 00:22:52

Interview with Anita Van Dolen

00:23:00 – 00:26:20 

Interview with Ellie Creighton

00:26:36 – 00:27:50